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N2O Crackers

These N2O crackers are used to open the nitrous oxide chargers. It is commonly used to emit the gas from the chargers into a balloon, gas known as laughing gas. These brass n2o crackers are known to be the safest method of use along side a balloon.

What is nitrous oxide? Nitros oxide gas or N2O gas or laughing gas provides a euphoric sensation, which can make one dizzy and and hallucinate. Known as laughing gas due to the uncontrollable laughter individuals might experience with the chemical effect from the gas. Many use nitrous gas for the quick instant gratifcation received. This rush of euphoria can now be easily obtained with the use of these solid brass N2O Crackers.

N2O Crackers

N2O Crackers features


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Nitrous crackers are a great accessory as they sturdy, portable, and easy to conceal. Many users prefer the use of the Brass vs. plastic crackers as they have a tendency to last vs. breaking after a few uses.

N2O Crackers

How to use the N2O crackers?

Open the N2O cracker into two parts by unscrewing the cylinder shape clockwise. Once unscrewed, place a nitrous charger on the end with the opening. The chargers tip should be faced down on the end with the opening to balance the chargers tip on top of the built in pin (this piece helps crack the charger). Make sure the O-ring is in place and place the other end of the N2O cracker on top to screw back on tightly. Once the N2O crackers two pieces are reattached, place a balloon over the opening. Hold the balloon with your dumb and forefinger to assure no air escapes. Then gently start unscrewing the N2O cracker as if you were going to reopen, but just do so enough to allow the gas to be released. Stop as soon as you hear the gas escaping. Be careful as this happens rapidly.

It will take about 10 seconds for the gas to be released in to the balloon. Once you hear the gas stop, slowly and carefully remove the nitrous filled balloon. When removed, you’re ready to use the nitrous n2o gas with the balloon as a dispenser.

N2O Crackers

N2O Crackers Online Shopping

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We pride ourselves in creating business opportunities for people across the USA and around the world. If you want to start your own business we can create special listings for Wholesale Buyers. Please contact us for details. For brass crackers wholesale prices please call our 24 / support center at: 1-800-515-5035.

Product Warnings: The brass crackers are not intended for use unlawful use and is to be used in accordance with all federal and state laws.

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